Did you know that?

...office chairs damage your shoes when you accidentally hit the wheels

Whether you wear heels or flats, oxfords or loafers, the wheels of your office chair cause irreparable tears and scuffs to your shoes.

...HeelClix effectively protect your shoes from such damage

HeelClix are shields shaped as domes with a soft silicon band around the outside that provides a protective barrier between your shoes and caster wheels of office chairs.

...HeelClix also protect walls, skirting boards and furniture

The protective shields extend over the entire base-end and the caster wheels. Thanks to the soft silicon bands around the shields, office chairs will not leave marks and gouges on walls, skirting boards or the furniture around you.

...HeelClix can be easily placed onto most office swivel chairs

HeelClix are universal, which means that they fit most of the standard office chairs. The box contains five HeelClix to simply mount onto the stem of each of the five wheels of your office chair. No tools are required.

...getting yourself HeelClix is a one-off purchase

HeelClix come with a life-time guarantee and can be easily removed and fitted onto another office chair if you change jobs.

...you can change the colour of silicon bands

The silicon bands on your HeelClix can be removed and replaced with bands of another colour. We currently have coral, mint, pink, green and black bands available to allow you to create an immediate office space with personal touch.