How do they work?

This simple design covers the wheel to stop marks and scuffs on any type of shoe and any material. The hard dome covers the outside of the wheel and the silicon band provides a cushion between your shoe and your chair.

How are they installed?

All you have to do is pop the wheel off and click the heel’n’bumper onto the wheel post. Then just re-attach to your chair. Shoe protection in a snap! Check out our video for more details as to how easy it is.

Do they also protect walls?

Absolutely they do! No more black marks or damage to your walls, baseboards or the furniture around you.

Do they fit all office chairs?

The heel’n’bumpers are universal and fit almost all office chairs.

How many come in a box?

Each box comes with five heel’n’bumpers

What is the warranty?

heel’n’bumpers offers a life time guarantee on the dome of their product. This makes it a great investment as you can easily remove them and take them with you from chair to chair.

Can you change out the silicon band?

YES! The band can be removed and replaced with another available colour to personalize your style.

Are other colours available?

Any pantone colour can be made provided a minimum order requirement is met.